Our atelier combines the traditional methods of Spanish leather good craftsmanship with new technologies and modern design concepts applied to prime quality leather.

Our artisans’ experience and knowledge, transmitted from generation to generation is the basis of our work.

Each one of our handbags is unique; they are handmade, one by one and made with leather that is provided with a finish that suggests its natural characteristics. This transparency is far from imperfection, but rather a guarantee of quality and capacity of ageing well, both from the visual point of view as well as to the touch.

Leather is a living matter that evolves with time, becoming more flexible and acquiring the patina of age. The shape of our bags will remain intact if, during daily use, we do not overload it and avoid inadequate contents.

For optimal storing, we recommend using its own cover in a temperate ambience and protected from direct light. To maintain its silhouette, filling it with tissue paper is advised.

Estebanot handbags are easily recognized due to their quality, sense of humor and originality, thus only a small logo is engraved in the mouth of each purse.

Our brand remains loyal to the commitment of vouching for Spanish handcrafted manufacturing, utilizing the accessible material and human resources of a long-standing leather tradition. The recognized prestige of our leather craftsmanship has played a key role in the creation of the “España Brand”. In Estebanot, we recognize and value that work and would like to contribute to it.